The Ceylon Astronomical Association which was founded in June 1959, by Sir Arthur C. Clarke and late Herschel Gunewardene and now revived as the Astronomical Association of Lanka (AALK) invites you to membership, in order to enable you to keep abreast of the exciting developments in the fields of Astronomy, Cosmology and the Space Sciences. These are the fastest growing, fascinating areas of modern science, at the frontiers of the explosion of knowledge.

The only “qualification” required for membership is an interest in Astronomy and the allied Sciences. Members are expected to participate in the activities of the Association, within the limitations of time and energy.

The main activity of the Association is its monthly meeting, which generally includes a talk by a member or guest-lecturer. Proceeding will be held in English. Astrophysicists visiting Lanka will also talk to the members as & when available. Practical activities include observation of the night sky with the help of star charts and instruments such as binoculars and small telescopes. Help will be available to members to pursue special Astronomical interests via the Internet.

The Association will maintain contact with Astronomical Associations and Societies abroad, and with professional Astronomers, particularly from Lanka.

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Please return to Mr. Thilina Heenatigala via;


Post: Thilina Heenatigala
General Secretary
Sri Lanka Astronomical Association
No: 27, Stalmaj, H. S.,
Sri Lanka.