AALK e-newsletter “AALK Notes” started February of 2007 to keep our members informed about the AALK upcoming events, monthly sky events, to highlight any important issues, and just to keep you alert.

Each issue will accompany some regular features. Under “AALK stuff” you will find association’s next meetings, up coming events, and other news related to AALK. There will be one feature article under “FOCUS” which will written by one of our members. All the special monthly sky events could find under “Observers Lounge”. Through “Astro News” you will find updates on latest news from all aspects of astronomy.

Subscribing to “AALK NOTES”

When you join the AALK yahoo e-mail group, you’ll receive “AALK NOTES.

Submitting Articles to “AALK NOTES”

Each issue will contain only one article. All the members are welcome to write about any interesting topic.

• This is a monthly newsletter and articles should submit before the last week of every month.
• Please try to include few web links related to your article, if possible.
• Keep the article around 1000 words.
• Please keep in mind that you CAN NOT include any pictures.
• If you need to use any pictures/graphs, put them online and use links.
• Consider the general AALK members when you include mathematical equations or scientific terms which might be harder to understand.

Previous Issues

February 2007
April 2007
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November 2007