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Media enquiries about astronomy, space science, or related sciences should be directed to the Association's Secretary,

Thilina Heenatigala:
E mail: thilina(DOT)heenatigala(AT)
Mobile: +94 (0) 716 245 545

Press releases:

  • SLAA0701: Sir Arthur C Clarke’s 90th birthday blog and the video message
  • SLAA0801: Sir Arthur C Clarke death announcement
  • SLAA0802: National Astronomy Meeting 2008
  • SLAA0901: International Year of Astronomy 2009
  • SLAA0902: Partial Solar Eclipse 26th January, 2009
  • SLAA0903: Sir Arthur C Clarke Memorial Science Fiction Short Story Competition 2009
  • SLAA1001: Remembering Sir Arthur C Clarke: On his second death anniversary - PDF version